The Homeless Church

When Jesus said, “Behold I stand at the door and knock,” he was actually speaking to a church. Why are people leaving church by the thousands? Why are fewer and fewer people looking to the church for answers? Is this a trend that can be reversed? The Homeless Church takes a fresh and honest look at the Christian Church in the world today, from the inside and the outside.
What is a church? Does it need a building? What is more important, people or buildings? Can the church do anything to stop declining attendance? The Homeless Church is the honest story of one of those decliners. Many of us have more than likely been hurt at a church or by someone from a church. Many of you still hurt. After we endured the summer from hell, many of our church friends had difficulty understanding what we were going through. We didn’t fully know what we were going through. It changed us and our view of the church experience.
This book is the story of our healing, not just our pain. We share this story because we pray for your healing also. This a not a book about bashing the Church. The true Church is the Bride of Christ, and we certainly don’t need to be bashing her. While many of us have experienced hurts on multiple levels, in church and out of church, we should never forget that despite our pain and confusion, God still has a great future planned for each of us. Press in and discover what that future is all about.
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"What an honor to be joining Pastors David & Sunmbo Adeoye at Royalty Christian Center in Lagos, Nigeria. This is a world class church, and everyone attending will be impacted in a powerful way. Last year we distributed 5,000 copies of Finding Hope with the help of the Body of Christ in this area. This year we hope to double our impact and we would sincerely appreciate your generous support to give away more Bibles and copies of Finding Hope in November 2019."
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