Finding Hope 2020

During the last year we gave away over 10,000 copies of Finding Hope and over 10,000 Bibles. We also provided water wells in multiple villages in Nigeria. We are continuously receiving requests for Finding Hope from many different countries. Thanks to your prayers and your generous donations we will continue to provide the Words of John to as many people as we can. In the section below you can download your free PDF copy of Finding Hope right now, or you can order a hard copy of the book.

FINDING HOPE in the words of john

We print the African version of FINDING HOPE in Lagos, Nigeria. By doing that we support the local economy and produce the most copies possible at the best price to distribute for free in the country.

Your donation of $7.50 provides 10 copies.
$75.00 provides 100 copies.
$750.00 provides 1,000 copies.
Any Amount is Greatly Appreciated! 

thank you for your generosity!

DeRanz World Reach is a 501c3 nonprofit Corporation based in the USA, established to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through publishing, printing and distribution of Bibles, and Bible-based materials throughout the world. FINDING HOPE in the Words of John is an amazing book now available in eBook and paperback formats worldwide. In addition to being available for purchase or download through Crossover Publications, this book is also being printed and distributed for free in select countries. In 2018 we selected Nigeria as our first distribution point and with the help of friends and believers expect this Gospel of John to make its way across the whole African continent. Thanks to the generous gifts and donations by faithful people that have partnered with DeRanz World Reach, we hope to print and distribute millions of copies of Finding Hope throughout the world. If you would like to help spread the Gospel of John around the world, please donate now. For more information about our work please contact us via email: or

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